Leading Developer and Manufacturer of Indoor Container Farms

February 27, 2018 – Grow Pod Solutions, a leading agtech company and the premier developer of portable indoor growing environments, has joined forces with AR Systems, to over award-winning automation software and hardware to the indoor farming sector.

For the first time ever, growers will be able to use technology to automate virtually all cultivation processes, and control the entire system from a computer or cellphone through the company’s exclusive Online Communication Module.

Highly efficient, the “Grow Pod” from Grow Pod Solutions reduces water use to a minimum, increases growth rate, and speeds up harvests through energy-efficient LED lighting that is one-tuned to individual plant requirements.

Grow Pod Solutions has made it possible to grow vegetables, fruits and herbs anywhere in the world with its advanced technology, including humidity control, air conditioning, and the company’s patented Bipolar Ionization, which provides an ideal environment for rapid and robust growth.

Hydroponic Shipping Container for the pesticide-free Indoor Growing EnvironmentEasy to use Automated Indoor Farming Technology

According to a recent article in Futurism Magazine, indoor farming represents the future of agriculture, but noted that the process was difficult to master. “Vertical farmers need to know how to operate the technology, including systems that control elements such as soil contaminants and water availability,” the publication reported.

However, Grow Pod Solutions’ intuitive and easy-to-operate system can be set up in just a few hours, and then monitored and adjusted from anywhere in the world via the company’s online portal.

Furthermore, the Grow Pod operates as a sealed system – eliminating the need for pesticides, herbicides, and additives that are commonly required on traditional indoor farms. The purified environment also eradicates any chance of cross contamination or unwanted pollination. George Natzic, President of Grow Pod Solutions, said the company’s many recent developments represent not just staying ahead of the curve, but inventing the very future of indoor farming.
“Our advanced, plug-and-go systems allow anyone to grow healthy, organic food and herbs anywhere in the world,” he stated. “With our innovative, patented technologies, Grow Pod Solutions continues to advance the state-of-the-art in automated farms.”

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