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Start your shipping container grow rooms with Grow Pod vertical and hydroponic farming systems. We create easy to use and advanced climate controlled freight container farms perfect for micro-greens, hemp, restaurants, agriculture research, hotels, casinos, families and more. Grow high quality specialty crops, specifically leaf crops, including many varieties of herbs indoor to support your food business. We are the only container farming manufacturers that focuses on high quality crops production and turn key, proprietary soil nutrient systems. We have been featured in MarketWatch, Business Insider, Bloomberg and are a Publicly Traded Company serving all of North America. Offering Flexible Financing Plans, and working with the world’s leading food non-profits, makes it our mission to provide customers the best organic superfoods to choose from.


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We’re working with Contain Inc. to help our growers find financing and insurance. Contain Inc is an alternate finance group dedicated to indoor growers, so they already have information on our equipment and know the indoor agriculture industry well. They work with growers working in greenhouses, warehouses and containers and fund clients from new startup farms through to multi-generational ones. They have also worked with a leading regional insurance broker to create indoor ag-specific insurance.

Easy to Install High Yield Vertical Farming Systems

Reach to our office and see how does Grow Pod Solutions vertical farming systems can bring your indoor farming business to a boom. We don’t just sell products but we also provide you maintenance guides and support to ensure that your crops will produce high quality products. We offer turn key solutions for the backyard farmer, local restaurant, and ag tech investor in mind.

You can also call us at (951) 549-9490 from 9am to 5pm PST Monday through Friday.

Grow Pod Solutions
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Revolutionary Technology In Building Shipping Container Farms

We integrate the latest indoor container farms technology to increase the crops production while maintaining high quality growing standards.

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