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Grow Pod Automation Software




You can operate every aspect of your Grow Pod from one intelligent and fully programmable controller. Our controller does it all – complete CO2 control, a light timer, Temperature, Humidity, Recycle Timers, Vent Fans, High Temperature Shut-off, Central air conditioning and heating – even add your own custom devices. This is the only controller you will ever need.


The automated hydroponic controller can be remotely monitored and controlled using your smart phone, PC or other Internet device – from anywhere in the world using our Cloud Service and the communications module.


The iPonic Commercial series of environmental controllers include an integrated UL listed equipment and lighting panel to handle commercial grade environmental control equipment in any voltage, and any amperage. Made in USA, UL and CUL listed, NEMA certified for food and medical grade production environments.


Start Growing Your Own Produce. Anywhere.


Setup In Minutes
Receive Text Message If Something Not Right
Secure, Encrypted Communication For Remote Settings


8 Power Outlets (6 Programmable)
Low Voltage AC Interface
Integrated Remote Combination Sensor


High Temperature Shut Off To Protect Crop
Alarms For High/Low Temperature, Humidity, CO2 via Text Message or EMail
UL & CUL Approved For Safety & Easy Permits


Day/Night Temperature Setpoints
Day/Night Humidity Setpoints
Light Duration


Increase Yields Crop After Crop
Save Money With Lower Electricity Bills
Lower Risk Of Losing Crop
Make More Money From Your Crop


Automatic Light Restart Delay
High/Low Temperature & Humidity Alarm
High/Low CO2 Alarm
High Temp Shutoff

plant shipping containers







Eliminate Contamination with Shipping Container Farming

Grow Pod Solutions is a leading container farm supplier. Our modular, stackable and mobile vertical growing container farming environments are specifically engineered to maximize yield and automation. We offer fully insulated, food-grade greenhouse shipping containers that have been specifically modified for your grows, from microgreens, herbs, lettuce, vegetables, and more. Our containers provide the optimum controlled habitats for growing a wide range of horticultural and agricultural products in all environments and climates. With our combination of hydroponic and certified organic soil systems; you get a significantly higher yield that grows faster, and is more consistent, while being able to grow year around.

How a Grow Pod Freight Container Farm Works

Contained within a 40ft-shipping container, our farms can fit anywhere, making them an ideal solution for individuals and communities in hostile or urban environments to produce fresh, healthy food.

Each farm utilizes both hydroponics and soil-based platforms along with proprietary air and water filtration, to create the perfect environment for growing food virtually anywhere, in any season or climate.

We’ve developed special hydroponics that delivers more oxygen to plant roots, stimulating growth and preventing disease. Because each container is a disease-free environment, plants grow at higher density compared to other forms of cultivation.

Inside the shipping container, all elements of the environment, including light, humidity, and temperature, are controlled. There is no need for artificial chemical additives or fertilizers because the system can uses no soil. There are never any pesticides because there are no bugs inside the pod. It is beyond organic- it’s the world’s first medical grade cultivation environment.

Grow Pod allows businesses, entrepreneurs, restaurateurs, grocery stores, schools and organizations to grow fresh, healthy food on-site that is free from disease, pesticides and dangerous chemicals.

Container Farms deliver the Volume You Need

plant shipping containers
With Grow Pod, you can grow lettuce, herbs, and greens in any climate and any location. The hydroponic system replaces traditional soil with a circulating system of water to get essential nutrition to plants, reducing water consumption by up to 90%.

Best of all, the fully contained “plug in and go” system means that you can get 8 growing cycles and produce 2-4 tons of organic produce a year, no matter the weather. Because the crops are so well protected within this container, up to 94% of crops are of marketable quality.

Within each of our plant shipping containers, lighting is adjusted to optimize photosynthesis by mimicking sunlight, with programming to define day and night. The box also contains in-farm cameras to monitor plants in real-time, and autonomous dosing of water, nutrients and pH, which can all be controlled from your phone with a simple app- it’s really a fully automated greenhouse shipping container.

Container Shipping Farms Provide the Flexibility You Need

Grow Pods can be installed in just hours, so as your requirements change you can keep up that allows for businesses to easily scale. With financing available, it is easy to get started with your own Grow Pod.

Grow Pods are “plug-and-play” and scalable, so as demand rises, adding additional pods is easy. They are stackable so even with limited space, for example in urban environments, you can create vertical farms of shipping container buildings.

Organic Healthy Food, Anywhere, with our Shipping Container Greenhouse

indoor shipping container farm
In April 2019 we made our first crop of organic superfoods available at farmers markets in California. The crop was entirely grown at our own shipping container gardens, using no pesticides or harmful chemicals. The crop includes varieties of lettuce, micro-greens and radishes, picked at their peak flavor and nutritional value just minutes before taking them to the market. Even organic farm grown produce produce needs to be picked early to survive transportation to distribution centers and stores

This provided farm-to-table freshness with 100% traceability. We used our new “Living Soil” mixture that is free of animal products, pathogens and contaminants, along with filtered water and purified air in a controlled environment to provide optimum, clean cultivation.

Above All Indoor Produce is Healthy and Reliable

According to the United States Department of Agriculture, roughly a third of food produced for human consumption is lost either through pesticides, bad weather, transportation, and various other factors.

Put simply Grow Pods freight containers farms can save producers and retailers money. Our clean, controlled environments allow large volumes quickly without significant wastage. Grocers would no longer need to be subjected to the schedules of produce transporters as they can easily replenish their supply from grow pods near the facility. Moreover, the purified environments inside grow pods eliminate the need for pesticides or chemical processes, which makes it easier and cheaper for food companies to grow their own organic produce.

Major retailers have begun the shift to indoors farming, with even Wendy’s removing the risk factors associated with outdoor agriculture and unpredictable weather, and providing itself with a constant supply of fresh produce by switching to indoor farming.

Wendy’s action mirrors the growing trend to source food locally. Not only do consumers like the idea of supporting local farms, but businesses are also welcoming local suppliers as a way to improve quality, cut costs, and increase margins.

The plant shipping container is a sealed system – eliminating the need for pesticides, herbicides, and additives commonly required on traditional farms. The purified environment eradicates any chance of cross contamination, unwanted pollination, or impurities like those that caused the recent outbreak of E. coli on lettuce.

Within our environmentally controlled shipping container farms, food production becomes predictable and reliable.

Grow Pods are made in the USA. Our automated indoor farms allow businesses, community groups, and entrepreneurs to grow healthy, contaminant-free produce, anywhere, year-round. Contact us today to speak with a grow advisor and learn if Grow Pod is right for you.

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