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Food Safety

Grow Pods Cutting

Test Results Show Lettuce Grown in GrowPods to be Pathogen Free

GP Solutions, Inc. (OTC:GWPD), developer of GrowPods – innovative controlled environment indoor micro-farms, released test results showing lettuce grown in their systems to be free of dangerous pathogens. The tests were conducted by Midwest Laboratories in Nebraska, and show zero levels of Salmonella, Listeria, and E.coli. GP Solutions developed GrowPods so that farmers can grow...

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Organic Farms with Hydroponic and Vertical Farming System

Grow Pods Offer Unique Solution to Reduce Current Food Shortages

GP Solutions, Inc. developer of GrowPods, said its unique transportable micro-farms can help provide fresh food where it is needed during the coronavirus pandemic. The New York Times reported, “The coronavirus has begun affecting the nation’s food supply chains.” TIME Magazine said, “The nation’s food supply chain is breaking.” The USDA has been criticized for...

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What the Organic Industry Doesn’t Want You to Know

We’re sure you heard a joke about millennials and avocado toast once or twice. If you’re under 30 its the kind of thing that gets your eyes rolling. But pretty much everyone in America will have noticed the availability of organic produce and everyone will have some kind of opinion about it. And this isn’t restricted to your stereotypes about the younger generation either! The overarching assumption is that organic produce is healthier, cleaner, greener, grown with chemicals or even pesticide-free.  We’re not here to “debunk” anything or somehow prove organic food is “bad”. You need to make your own......

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Future of Food Security Through Indoor and Vertical Farms

This Is Where The Food Of The Future Will Come From

Food security has never been more important. Our food supply chain is reliant on being able to grow, process and transport thousands of miles and if any part of the chain should break the consequences can be very serious. With the world’s growing population expected to exceed 9 billion by 2050, the U.S. Department of Agriculture sees indoor vertical farms as having potential in addressing food security. They require less labor, take less space, require less transport and food can be grown year-round. The Business of Vertical Farming Indoor vertical farms are expanding across the country. It’s still a startup......

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Farming Indoors - New Technology in Shipping Containers

Why Farming Is Moving Indoors

Indoor farming will be the next big thing. A revolution in how we grow food, moving the entire agricultural process indoors and even into the city. “Agtech” is a mixture of not only agricultural know-how but also architecture and technology so that the process of growing and consuming food is more aligned with how we actually live. The technology allows more to produce with less space and less resource. For example, it can take as many as 34 gallons to produce a head of lettuce, but there are indoor farmers who already claim to use only .25 gallon. Show me......

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Vertical Farming Upgrading the Agriculture Technology

How Vertical Farming Reinvents Agriculture

Across the world in sealed shipping container and labs, revolutions are being plotted. This sounds like a James Bond movie but it’s happening for real and (this time) the revolutionaries are on our side! What’s the aim? Only the oldest, most-established industry in the world: farming. The basic elements have been the same for thousands of years and are so familiar most people won’t even think about the assumptions - farming is an activity where crops are grown outside in dirt and plants grow with sunlight and rain and are harvested once a year, right? The future of farming is......

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How Hydroponic Container Farming Solve America’s E Coli Problems

It might look like hydroponic and farmers and container farm builders spend a lot of time focussing on the hygiene and cleanliness of the produce. The reason for this is food hygiene is a serious issue, even in the USA in 2020. It might sound unbelievable but the last multistate E Coli outbreak in the US had 167 victims. Thankfully there were no fatalities but 85 people were hospitalized in all. Fifteen people also had developed a type of kidney failure, according to the C.D.C. Many may brush off E Coli has little more than a stomach upset but the......

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Umami Taste on Organic Plants Farmed in Indoor Containers

Taste and Flavor: Some Ideas You Need to Understand

Sour, sweet, salt and bitter. Everyone knows the basic favours. But suppose there were more flavors? And suppose what contributed to the food on your plate was made up of a whole armory of other senses and feelings: texture, appearance, aroma, flavor culminating in a holistic experience that can be simultaneously jarring and pleasurable. Since taste is so multi-faceted, here are a few taste-centric words to savor! If you want more, most flavor scientists and tasters use flavor wheels which give a massive array of words and descriptions. It’s well known that the language of wine is ornate and flowery......

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