GP Solutions, Inc (Ticker: GWPD), said its GrowPods can help solve current issues with food shortages, as well as control escalating prices. GrowPods are portable self-contained automated farms that can be located virtually anywhere. With a controlled environment, food can be grown without pesticides, harmful chemicals, or risk of pathogen contamination. In fact, food grown in a GrowPod is not only better than organic but also can be located near the point of consumption, which dramatically lowers the carbon impact and cost of trucking food across the nation.

Restaurants, grocery stores, communities, non-profits, and entrepreneurs can use GrowPods to assure a fresh supply of healthy produce, year-round. According to the Seattle Times, food shortages are hitting every corner of the nation. Prices are also soaring on most food items as distributors are forced to pay more for basic staples due to the broken supply chain.

Marsh McLennan, the global insurance and risk management company, wrote: “Food retailers and consumers have become used to a settled landscape – a global network that has kept food moving… We’ve become confident that we’ll always find what we’re looking for on the store shelves.”

“Now there is a huge dislocation of the system… as supply chains have been moved around or have fallen apart,” the report added. GrowPods allow people to take back control of their food chain and ensure a steady, reliable, and sustainable supply of clean, healthy fruits and vegetables. “We believe that we are seeing the beginning of a revolution in agriculture,” says George Natzic, CEO of GP Solutions. “The old-school farming systems and distribution systems are falling apart, and new technologies and mindsets are changing a thousand-year-old ag system to better serve the modern world.”

For information, visit: www.growpodsolutions, or call: (951) 549-9490.

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