GP Solutions, Inc. (OTC:GWPD), developer of GrowPods – innovative controlled environment indoor micro-farms, released test results showing lettuce grown in their systems to be free of dangerous pathogens.

The tests were conducted by Midwest Laboratories in Nebraska, and show zero levels of Salmonella, Listeria, and E.coli. GP Solutions developed GrowPods so that farmers can grow ultra-pure, contaminant-free food. The company also operates its own units and provides super clean food to local markets and stores.

According to the Centers for Disease Control, about 48 million people get sick each year from food. Leafy greens are a chief culprit. “Leafy greens, such as lettuce, can become contaminated in the field by soil, contaminated water, animals, or improperly composted manure,” CNN reported. “Vegetables that have come into contact with feces from infected animals are another common source of infection.”

USA Today reported, “Lettuce has nothing to keep it safe… It has tons of nooks and crannies for nasty stuff to hide, making leafy greens far more vulnerable than other thinly-skinned, yet solid and easily washed produce, like tomatoes. “It can’t be bacteria-free, virus-free, parasite-free,” University of Florida food-safety expert Keith Schneider added.

GrowPods are controlled environment micro-farms with a sealed eco-system, purified air and water, and a pest-free environment that can eliminate pathogens. GrowPods offers farmers a high-margin niche to expand into, and gives consumers access to safe, tested, and nutritious “Super Foods.”

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