GP Solutions, Inc. (OTC:GWPD), developer of GrowPods – innovative controlled environment indoor micro-farms – said that America’s food production is changing.

Investors are participating in the sector, not only for healthy returns but also to fix a broken food chain that relies on enormous corporate farms that often use harmful pesticides, fertilizers, and herbicides to maximize harvests; and an antiquated distribution system that trucks fruits and vegetables thousands of miles to reach local stores.

“People are demanding sustainably grown food,” according to Manulife, a leading investment management company. “We expect the trend toward sustainably grown and supplied food to accelerate as a maturing cohort of millennials continues to distinguish itself from prior generations by embracing values-based consumption.”

The former Secretary-General of the United Nations wrote in Thomson Reuters that investments in agribusiness should be “a priority” because “investments in local food production can pay for themselves many times over.”

And Farm Together wrote about investment trends that may emerge amid the Covid pandemic:

“Actively managed investments, and those tied into the performance of a volatile stock market, may fall out of favor with some investors in the near future. Looking into alternative asset classes could become an appealing trend as investors look to generate value from sources beyond Wall Street,” they wrote.

The company also noted that new sectors for direct investing are emerging, such as Agtech, which they state can provide stable returns and pay dividends several years down the road. As the world’s leading investors and thought leaders are supporting indoor, sustainable farming techniques, GP Solutions is helping lead the market by developing transportable indoor growing systems that provide fresh, highly nutritious produce with transparency and traceability.

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