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Grow Pods are Portable Farms

GrowPods are Portable Farms that Can Help Reduce Agriculture’s Global Carbon Footprint

GP Solutions (Ticker: GWPD), announced that GrowPods provide businesses, communities, farmers and non-profit organizations a way to grow healthy and clean food while reducing carbon footprints.  According to the World Resources Institute, agriculture plays in central role in carbon pollution.  Earlier this year, Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue called for innovation in reducing agricultural carbon...

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GP Solutions Donates Lettuce to Catrinas Club

GrowPods by GP Solutions Can Help Solve Food Supply Chain Problems

GP Solutions, Inc (Ticker: GWPD), said its GrowPods can help solve current issues with food shortages, as well as control escalating prices. GrowPods are portable self-contained automated farms that can be located virtually anywhere. With a controlled environment, food can be grown without pesticides, harmful chemicals, or risk of pathogen contamination. In fact, food grown...

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Custom Builds Grow Pods

CMZoo Tests Grow Pod as Sustainable On-Site Source for Lettuce

Have you noticed the shipping container next to Cheyenne Mountain Zoo’s historic carousel and wondered what’s going on? CMZoo is planning to grow lettuce using a retired shipping container. But, that’s simplifying things. Inside the modified shipping container’s sturdy walls lies a high-tech, energy-efficient, and bio-safe grow house. It’s hard to find a project much...

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Grow Pods Cutting

Test Results Show Lettuce Grown in GrowPods to be Pathogen Free

GP Solutions, Inc. (OTC:GWPD), developer of GrowPods – innovative controlled environment indoor micro-farms, released test results showing lettuce grown in their systems to be free of dangerous pathogens. The tests were conducted by Midwest Laboratories in Nebraska, and show zero levels of Salmonella, Listeria, and E.coli. GP Solutions developed GrowPods so that farmers can grow...

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Solution to World Food Crisis Through Vertical Farming System

Leading Investment Company Says Trend Toward Sustainable Food to Continue

GP Solutions, Inc. (OTC:GWPD), developer of GrowPods – innovative controlled environment indoor micro-farms – said that America’s food production is changing. Investors are participating in the sector, not only for healthy returns but also to fix a broken food chain that relies on enormous corporate farms that often use harmful pesticides, fertilizers, and herbicides to...

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maxpod wood close

GP Solutions’ GrowPods Can Help Farmers Reduce Financial Risk & Increase Quality Control

GP Solutions (OTC:GWPD), the developer of modular controlled-environment micro-farms, says that GrowPods may help farmers reduce risk and increase quality control. Crop failure can be devastating for large and small farms. Crop failure does not only occur in open fields – even in greenhouses and indoor cultivation facilities, crops can fail for a variety of...

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prolific Hydro Jug

GP Solutions’ “Prolific Soilless Growth Medium” and “Prolific Hydro” Now Available on Amazon

GP Solutions, Inc. (OTC:GWPD), the developer of “GrowPods” – advanced automated micro-farms, and Prolific – a line of innovative nutrients and soilless growth medium, announced that its products are now available on Amazon. Consumers will now be able to purchase “Prolific Soilless Growth Medium” and “Prolific Hydro” on Amazon, and start growing high quality organic...

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Prolific Soilles Bag

GP Solutions Launches “Prolific”

GP Solutions, Inc. (OTC:GWPD), the developer of “GrowPods” – proprietary, automated micro-farms, debuts Prolific – a unique, proprietary soilless growth medium and nutrient line that is free of human and sewage waste. Prolific was formulated by GP Solutions’ in-house scientists, and is comprised of organic ingredients. “Our objective was to develop a growth medium that...

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Shipping Container Farms

Granjas del Futuro – Telemundo

Los cultivos portátiles controlados por computadoras ofrecen otras opciones agrícolas. Los agricultores y propietarios de establecimientos de comida y supermercados han optado por una alternativa a la siembra tradicional. Se trata de los cultivos portátiles controlados por computadoras, que muchos consideran serán las “granjas del futuro”. En los invernaderos o granjas interiores, las plantas crecen...

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