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About Grow Pod Solutions

Grow Pod Solutions provides a state-of-the-art, environmentally optimized growing system for growing high-quality specialty crops, specifically leaf crops, including many varieties of herbs. This will be done with the Grow Pod utilizing the most recent technology in soil-less, hydroponic growing technology. This is in response to a tremendous need that exists for superior quality, and high crop yields in a completely secure and monitored environment. These benefits cannot be achieved by field-growing methods. Not only does this create a year around the growing system in any location in the world, but a predictable yield harvest after harvest.

Grow Pod Farms is reshaping the supply chain by bringing the farm to the people. There will always be a need for traditional crop farming, however, with Grow Pod Farms Hyper Local food systems we can reduce the strain on our food system in an environmentally responsible way. Grow Pods make it possible to farm year-round, anywhere in the world. With less waste, less carbon emission, less water, and ZERO harmful chemicals or pesticides.

Our units are modular and scalable so you can add diversity to existing farms or jump-start a project as a new farmer.

Food Where it is Needed Most

The Right to Adequate food is a Universal Human Right. Globally in 2021 as many as 828 million people were affected by hunger. In the US alone, 2.4 million are food insecure. We are creating networks of small farmers in any environment around the world to help where access to clean and healthy food is needed the most.

Sustainable Agriculture

Grow Pod Farms Hyper-local food systems will improve the efficiency of the use of natural resources that are crucial to sustainable agriculture.

We believe any future agriculture that fails to protect and improve rural livelihoods and social well-being is unsustainable. Grow Pod Farms Hyper Local food systems will enhance the resilience of people, communities, ecosystems, and climate change.

With Grow Pod Farm modular, scalable units we can create hyperlocal food systems, provide transparency in our food systems, as well as teach and employ local communities.

Our Services Include

  • Shipping and, installation service of our shipping container farms & on-site training
  • Custom planting and harvesting schedules
  • Growing supplies, seeds, nutrients, packaging, branding, and repair materials
  • On-site visits; on-call and scheduled maintenance, cleanliness (important in hydroponics), and re-supply.
  • Education (classroom and hands-on training)
  • Remote monitoring and automated controls to ensure optimal growth environment nutrients, environment (PH, temperature, light), and circulation
  • Technical assistance
  • Consulting and custom facility systems design

The controlled environment of a Grow Pod container encompasses 320 square feet and will have an annual production capability of up to four times that of outdoor growing methods dramatically increasing profitability for the grower.

If you want to learn more about our Grow Pod technology and find more information about indoor vertical farming, check our Grow Pod News page.

Grow With the Pros

Start your indoor container farms today. Our Grow Pod Solutions system is designed and engineered to be easier to use and allows users to start growing immediately your food production. Contact us right now! We are your indoor container farming experts!

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