GP Solutions, the developer of “GrowPods” – proprietary, automated micro-farms, said that its signature growth medium, Prolific, is being used by people who want to grow their own food and thus avoid potential exposure to Covid-19 at their grocery stores or through deliveries.

A new CDC advisory specifically mentions grocery stores as public settings where it can be difficult to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

Many consumers avoid visiting grocery stores and utilize delivery services, however this is not without risk. According to the National Institutes of Health, coronavirus can live on a variety of surfaces – including cardboard and paper.

Additionally, CNN reports that as the coronavirus pandemic shuts down businesses and sends countries into lockdown, “the disruptions are threatening to cut off supply chains and increase food insecurity.”

For these reasons, more people are growing their own food – whether through indoor or outdoor gardens, or in controlled environment micro-farms such as GrowPods.

Soil Matters:

The CDC states soil can be contaminated with highly pathogenic bacteria and viruses that can result in epizootic outbreaks, illness, and death.

Prolific is an optimally formulated, contaminant-free potting mixture for gardeners and farmers. Prolific is a unique, bio-active soilless growth medium that unlike conventional commercial soils, is free of human and sewage waste, which has been shown can carry coronavirus.

Prolific contains the finest quality ingredients, including coconut coir, alfalfa, kelp, volcanic perlite, and sphagnum peat moss.

Prolific is excellent for indoor and outdoor growing, seed starts and transplants, and has outstanding water holding capabilities.

Prolific is completely balanced and will not cause burning. Prolific provides a safer way to grow clean, organic “superfoods.” And, unlike most potting soils, Prolific is reusable.

Prolific is available on Amazon.

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