Automatic Vertical Farming Systems Integrated to Urban FarmingCompany Gears Up to Meet Demand as One of the World’s Fastest Growing Industries

Automation to Urban Farming Growing Technology

Grow Pod Solutions, a leading agtech company and developer of portable automated farms, announced that it acquired a facility for a new, state-of-the-art assembly plant in California. The company has also secured acreage where it will conduct field testing and R&D.

Additionally, the company is introducing its next generation automated cultivation environments.

The company’s vertical hydroponic farming systems enable anyone to grow fresh produce year-round,
virtually anywhere.

Automated farming technology was recently profiled on 60 Minutes. The program looked at the “Future
Factory” at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), where corporate sponsors including Lego,
Toshiba, ExxonMobil and General Electric, get first crack at inventions.

Researchers at the facility are building automated farms, which, like Grow Pod, can grow three to four times faster than traditional farming methods. However, in contrast to the MIT system, Grow Pods are portable and can be placed virtually anywhere.

Grow Pods utilize proprietary technologies, including the company’s patented Bipolar Ionization, humidity control, and water filtration, to provide an ideal environment for rapid plant growth.

The pod is a sealed system – eliminating the need for pesticides, herbicides, and additives commonly
required on traditional farms. The purified environment eradicates any chance of cross contamination,
unwanted pollination, or impurities like those that caused the recent outbreak of E. coli on lettuce.

Automatic Vertical Farming Systems with Controlled Climate TechnologyGrowing Crops Through Automatic and Controlled Climate System

The system features cloud-based management so operators can control the growing environment from
anywhere using a computer or cellphone.

George Natzic, President of Grow Pod Solutions, said the company’s latest systems and new facilities will help springboard the business to the top tier of one of the fastest growing industries in the world.

“Our advanced automated cultivation systems represent the latest in thought leadership in the agtech
industry,” he said. “Our automated farms can produce a wide variety of food and cash crops; they are
inexpensive to operate; and generate rapid, robust harvests.”

The next generation growing system features a new closed loop hydroponic drip irrigation system, which constantly recharges the plants with fresh nutrients. The system also features new Spectrum-Tuned/Low-Energy lighting that reduces energy costs and increases yields.

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