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Vertical Farming Systems

Vertical Farming Automation

Automation is essential to vertical farming systems to ensure all crops are getting enough care and attention. Some vertical farms go up to 30 feet high so automating the lighting, fertilization and irrigation is sensible and practical solution to managing your growing system. Here at Grow Pod we believe a fully automated vertical farming system is key to success. Here’s why:

Worry-Free Farming

The key to automation is being able to rely on the technology to do the work for you. Once you set the parameters you can forget about it and focus on other important tasks. Farming need no longer be labor intensive.

If a problem comes up, the system will then alert you via email or text message and you can log in to check the data.

Precise Watering

If you are manually watering it can be easy to overwater or underwater your plants.

To be accurate you would need to stick to a good schedule to make sure there were no inconsistencies.

An automated farming system delivers the exact quantity at the precise moment it’s needed, preventing under or over watering

Managing Waste

An automated control system can monitor and measure your water run-off as well as all other consumption and waste.

The data gathered can then be used to ensure compliance with local legislation if required and give you an accurate measurement of expenditure.

Vertical Farming Environments Are Cropping Up Everywhere

Vertical greenhouse growing systems are being created in all sorts of places.Vertical farming systems for sale include:

Shipping containers
Underground rooms
Growth chambers
Other indoor converted spaces

Grow Pod use shipping containers which are airtight, modular and easily scalable.
In our vertical farming containers your vertical crop can include microgreens, leafy greens and medicinal cannabis – kale, lettuce, herbs, even strawberries can now be grown anywhere from desert to downtown.

What Should You Automate In Your Vertical Farm?

Depending on the size, type and structure of your vertical farm your system can control:

  • Light
  • Humidity
  • Air flow
  • Air and root zone temperature
  • Nutrient levels
  • PH
  • EC

The system also monitors its own health so your vertical farming equipment can tell you of faults. Your Grow Pod system should alert you when there’s a problem and allow you to access and manage everything remotely.


40′ Pod

Size: 320 sq. ft.
Interior: 288 sq. ft.

20′ Pod

Size: 160 sq. ft.
Interior: 144 sq. ft.


Hydroponic Based Pod

The Vertical Pod is a great solution for farmers focused on utilizing a vertical hydroponic system. It is affordable, scalable, efficient, automated and sustainable. The output will provide you with fresh and clean produce all year round in any climate.

Vertical Grow Pod

Insulated Super Food Growing Machine

  • Modular, Stackable & Mobile
  • Fully Insulated
  • Engineered for Automation
  • Food-Grade Container
  • Efficient LED Lighting
  • Hydroponic or Soil Based Platforms
  • Proprietary Air & Water Filtration
  • Climate Controlled Environment
  • Remote Monitoring


• Nutrient Tank
• Irrigation System
• Reverse Osmosis Water Purification System


• Temperature Range Control
• Remote Monitoring/Controlling
• Mobile Device Compatible


• LED Expert Series Lighting
• HVAC System
• Dehumidifier & Humidifier


Start Growing Your Own Produce. Anywhere.




Indoor Farming Frequently Asked Questions

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