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Grow fresh produce on location

Grow Pod Solutions provide state of the art environmentally optimized integrated portable indoor systems for growing high quality specialty crops and many varieties of herbs. Grow Pod utilizes breakthrough technology in soilless, hydroponic growing to produce superior quality, high crop yields in a completely secure and monitored environment.

Our most important mission is to help feed the world. As the Earth’s population continues to be challenged with growing populations in arid areas that cannot support outdoor farming, Grow Pods provide a fast, sustainable, and affordable solution. With a Grow Pod in a city center or rural village, local populations can enjoy fresh, organic produce on a regular basis. As a sealed system, water needs are minimal; and with on-board H2O and air filtration systems, plants and vegetables are grown to their ripest, most healthful potential.

On Location

Grow food at the location of the need.

Self Sufficient

Locals learn to grow their own food supply.

Long Lasting

The Grow Pod stays in operation for many years.

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