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Hydroponic Grow Containers

Hydroponic Farming Using Shipping Containers

Advanced Hydroponic Growing System

You can become an organic farmer without any land. You don’t need soil, tractors, or heavy machinery. You just need about 40 feet of flat space- a yard will do!

This is where Grow Pod’s hydroponic container gardening comes in. Instead of acres of soil or a huge greenhouse, you can grow all your organic vegetables inside a refitted shipping container- more accurately a hydroponic shipping container. Each hydroponic container is fitted inside with a hydroponic farm that can grow the same volume of food as five acres of traditional farmland. We are on a mission! We want every town to have a hydroponic shipping container! They’re ideal or office complexes, schools, military installations, small business or even as a complement to existing traditional farms. We want everyone to have access to locally grown, healthy and sustainable produce.

Hydroponics Container Farm Manager Holding a Soil Strip

Dedicated to Organic Farming

We believe in going back to basic farming principles to ensure that the food we are growing is GMO-free and organic.

Most traditional farms rely heavily on chemicals to both grow and maintain crops outdoors. Crops need protection from weather, pests, insects and are reliant on seasons. Greenhouses alleviate some of this but plants are still exposed and grow in soil.

What do our hydroponic containers do? We’ve taken a standard 40 foot shipping container and sterilized it, insulated it, installed a Climate Controlled Environment with Proprietary Air & Water Filtration systems. Plants in a soil-less system (hence no bugs) with the roots touching a nutrient solution delivering exactly what they need. Not sure about 40 ft farm? No problem, you can get a half-container of 20ft and this will still be enough to feed hundreds over the year!

Using Cutting Edge Technology to Drive Farming

The food grown inside our shipping containers is not subject to any harmful chemicals. Since the environment is sealed and climate controlled, there are no bugs, so no pesticides either. Indoors the grower is unconcerned with the vagaries of the weather.

The crop doesn’t grow in the dark- They’re able to develop thanks to LED lights tuned to specific wavelengths and intensities. Our own sensor systems monitor water, nutrient, and atmospheric conditions in the container to ensure everything is growing at optimum effectiveness. They can grow as much food as could be grown on three to five acres.Incredibly, the process from setup to first harvest can take only four weeks. This means there are multiple growing cycles in the same container and food can be grown all year round. Strawberries in February? No problem.

Each container therefore becomes a mini hydroponic farm. Large food distribution firms are increasingly getting involved in hydroponics to take the risk out of outdoor farming and the damage caused to crops by distribution.

Transportable Farms Can Reach ‘Food Desserts’

What sets hydroponic grow containers apart from traditional farms or hydroponic growing center is the ability for the farm to be located exactly where its consumers are.

In many places in the USA, people have limited access to affordable healthy fresh food, due to the lack of local farming industry or simply by being too far from the traditional farm supply chain. The food they do have access to is often expensive and not fresh due to the long transportation times to reach its destination. The shipping containers can be placed in these so-called ‘food deserts’ to narrow the gap between the farm and consumer. No transport costs at all. The farms aren’t just good for consumers they are also a massive win for the environment.

Growing Container Through Hydroponics Growing System

Elon Musk Impressed

Hydroponic containers have been designed to use 97% less water than a traditional farm for to get the same volume of food. Like many we are now heavily researching possible ways for the farms to be completely independent of local energy supply by adapting to solar or wind energy. This would allow our containers to effectively go off-grid and be close to entirely self sufficient- each hydroponics container would be an enclosed world. It’s a futuristic idea but within reach- evenSpaceX CEO Elon Musk has suggested container farming technology could be used to supply food for its Mars Mission.

New Business Models

Even if you’re just looking for hydroponic farm for sale you still need to think about your business model and who you will supply. You can contact us for just one container, perhaps if you want to try labour intensive and high value microgreens such as kale, lettuce, herbs, even strawberries. Perhaps you will be exclusive organic hydroponic supplier for one retailer, even one restaurant. Or perhaps you want to try a series of containers for tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, lettuce, or medical marijuana. You can plug into the local supply chain like a farmer or distributor or you can establish a hydroponic farm franchise. There’s a whole world of enterprise awaiting!


40′ Pod

Size: 320 sq. ft.
Interior: 288 sq. ft.

20′ Pod

Size: 160 sq. ft.
Interior: 144 sq. ft.


Hydroponic Based Pod

The Vertical Pod is a great solution for farmers focused on utilizing a vertical hydroponic system. It is affordable, scalable, efficient, automated and sustainable. The output will provide you with fresh and clean produce all year round in any climate.

Vertical Grow Pod

Insulated Super Food Growing Machine

  • Modular, Stackable & Mobile
  • Fully Insulated
  • Engineered for Automation
  • Food-Grade Container
  • Efficient LED Lighting
  • Hydroponic or Soil Based Platforms
  • Proprietary Air & Water Filtration
  • Climate Controlled Environment
  • Remote Monitoring


• Nutrient Tank
• Irrigation System
• Reverse Osmosis Water Purification System


• Temperature Range Control
• Remote Monitoring/Controlling
• Mobile Device Compatible


• LED Expert Series Lighting
• HVAC System
• Dehumidifier & Humidifier


Start Growing Your Own Produce. Anywhere.




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