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Welcome to Grow Pod Solutions!
   Grow Pod Solutions, LLC provides advanced cost-effective turnkey designs for high density  Mushroom (fruiting & spawning) and hydo-ponic chambers. Our complete insulated structural ceramic panels and advanced HVAC custom designs are key assets in creating  the urban farming vision. Let us know how we can creatively collaborate to provide secure infrastructure and advanced growing systems.
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Structural Composite Technology
    Eco-Conscious SmartWall Composite Systems are a comprehensive building technology that serves as the operating system for the grow pod units. The Smartwall technology offers the novel freedom of infinite design complexity along with the simplicity of solid modular panelized wall, floor and roof components.
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"Grow Pod Solutions open a gateway to providing local access to high volume crop production units."
1. Full Bloom
Grow Pod Solutions utilize optimized sustainable design for high performance crop yields suitable for any climate on the planet.  Effortless installation and ready to operate upon delivery!
2. Security
Providing unmatched structural security ensuring your crops survive severe climate changes and natural disasters.  Protect your plants!
3. Continuous
Any weather, year-round harvesting.  Simply abundant!

Novelty of Living Walls
    The Grow pod Solutions are designed to maximize surface area cultivation on the interior and exterior of the unit. Customize your grow pod with high density farming technology like interior vertical grow systems, roof top raised beds, and exterior grow walls. Flexible green building architecture allows for effortless applications to an existing structure or implement in an above/ below ground application.Learn more >

"Empowering communities and local farmers with comprehensive grow system technologies that maximize efficiency to achieve high yields in any climate year round."
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